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Calstrong 12ml

Calstrong 12ml
Used as a 2 week programme to help strengthen the natural nail for nails that are fragile, weak, soft and brittle. Nail polish can be applied over Calstrong without affecting its performance. TWO WEEK PROGRAMME 1. Thoroughly clean the nail plate using a lint-free nail wipe soaked with Calguard. 2. Apply one coat of Calstrong over the entire nail plate. 3. The nail can be left natural or nail polish may be applied over the Calstrong. 4. After three days remove varnish and/or Calstrong with Calcleanse Non-Acetone Nail Varnish Remover. 5 Re-apply Calstrong per step 2 above. 6. Repeat this procedure every 2 days. As you are strengthening your nails it would also be a good idea to take care of your cuticles by using Calcare Cuticle Cream but only apply after all Calstrong and/or nail polish applications are completed, this will prevent lack of adhesion problems due to the deep penetrating capabilities of the Cuticle Cream.
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