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Interstellar Chrome Flakes

Interstellar Chrome Flakes

Interstellar Chrome Chameleon Flakes

Interstellar Chrome Flakes that glow blue and purple when layered over black.

Our chrome flakes, Nebula, Interstellar, Asteroid & Supernova will help you create nails that are out of this world. All four of these chameleon chrome flakes come alive with layered over a based colour. They offer a hint of chrome effect when layered over white, but we love them best over a dark base. 

Other colour options available:

Nebula Chrome Flakes that glow green and blue with a hint of gold when layered over black.

Asteroid Chrome Flakes that glow pink and purple with a hint of green when layered over black.

Supernova Chrome Flakes that glow purple and green with a hint of gold when layered over black. 

Please note: As the flake colours vary depending on the base colour, the description we use on the labels is for guidance only and is based on how they chrome flakes look when a black base. 

HOW TO USE CHROME FLAKES - View Step by Step video here

Step 1. Apply chosen base colour (x2 layers) and cure as normal

Step 2. Apply Touch & Go No Wipe Top Coat on top of sticky layer of colour gel and cure for 90 seconds under LED

Step 3. Use a sponge applicator and pick up a small amount of the flakes. Pat onto the surface of the nail and lightly buff any flakes that are sticking up. Instead of patting onto the surface, you can completely buff the flakes onto the surface of the nail for fuller coverage.  

Step 4. Seal with iZ Pro Base & Build for long-lasting chameleon chrome flake effect.

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