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Rose Gold: Chrome Pigment

Rose Gold: Chrome Pigment

Rose Gold Chrome 

Rose Gold Metallic Chrome Pigment. Layer over a base of white or black for best results. 

HOW TO USE CHROME PIGMENTS - View Video Step by Step here

Step 1. Apply chosen base colour (x2 layers) and cure as normal

Step 2. Apply Touch & Go No Wipe Top Coat on top of sticky layer of colour gel and cure for 90 seconds under LED

Step 3. Use a sponge applicator and pick up a very small amount of pigment.  Burnished onto the surface of the nail using a sponge applicator. If the application looks patchy, pick up a bit more pigment and repeat the process. Be sure to remove all loose pigment with a fluffy brush before proceeding to Step 4. 

Step 4. Seal with iZ Pro Base & Build for long-lasting chrome nails.  We recommend capping over and under the free edge and sides for chip-free chrome.

  • Product Code: NAP ROSE GOLD
  • Availability: In Stock