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Product Spotlight: DECO iT Hippie Summer

Product Spotlight: DECO iT Hippie Summer


The Boho look is in for this Spring and Summer. As seen on the catwalk and high street, floral, shades of mustard and earthy tones are all you want to be adorning for the upcoming months!

If Boho isn’t really your style but you still want to be on-trend, then why not incorporate the carefree look onto your nails?!

Our DECO iT Hippie Summer decals are perfect for that boho look, including wild flowers, simple girly florals, mustard shades and earthy leaves, everything you need to be on-trend.



How To Use?

All our decals are easy and simple to use; the only tool you’ll need is a pair of tweezers. Open the DECO iT, peel off the decal and smooth onto the nail (our decals are super thin, so sit beautifully on the surface of the nail). Once the decals have been applied onto the nail, and you've smoothed any air bubbles, you can seal with a top coat or gel for long lasting nail art. Ensure you leave a small gap between the decal and the side wall or cuticle area so you're able to seal them in properly.





To find our Hippie Summer and other floral decals, shop our website here

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