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CALGEL Classics Nail Art Designs

Looking for some nail art inspiration? We've created 5 looks using the new CALGEL Classics Collection for you to try! Whether you've got a bride looking for something some sparkly wedding nail art, clients who like to add just a little something (who doesn't like a little sprinkle of some Chrome Flakes?) or maybe even just looking to keep things classic with a French manicure these five looks are achieved in a few easy steps.

The CALGEL Classics brings back 5 of our original shades to celebrate CALGEL turning 20 in the UK this year. If you haven't seen them yet, take a peek on our website here


 Pink Champagne

Step 1
Apply 2 layers of Pink Champagne as normal and cure.

Step 2
Once cured, apply a layer of iZ PRO Base & Build and do not cure.

Step 3
With a Gem Tool or Wooden Manicure Stick to apply the Swarovski crystals to the bottom left part of the nail into the wet layer of gel. You will need to work quickly apply the crystals. You can simply this look by only applying a few crystals for a more subtle effect.

Step 4
Once happy with the placement of the crystals, cure the nails fully & wipe with GUARD to remove the sticky residue. 

What we used

CALGEL Pink Champagne CG103 Shop Online
Swarovski Clear Crystals in Small Shop Online
Swaorvski Iridescent Crystals in Small Shop Online
iZ Pro Base & Build to keep those crystals in place Shop Online


 Pink Maroon

 Step 1

Apply 2 layers of Pink Maroon as normal and cure.


 Step 2

With an Applicator Sponge, apply your client's choice of Metallic Chromes Flakes onto the bottom left part of the nail. Making sure to lightly dab the flakes onto the nail rather than buff them.

 Step 3

Seal in the flakes with your choice of clear gel and cure.

What we used

CALGEL Pink Maroon Shop Online
Applicator Sponges Shop Online
Bronze Metallic Chrome Flakes Shop Online 

Purple Orchid

Step 1

Apply 2 layers of Purple Orchid as normal and cure. Remove sticky reside before Step 2.

Step 2

With a pair of tweezers, carefully peel the Striping Decals from the backing sheet & apply them in a diagonally across the nail. Repeat until you are happy with your design.

Trim any excess decal with Stork Scissors and gently file the edge of the nail where it meets the decal. This way you can properly seal the decals in and avoid them lifting or peeling. 

Step 3

Smooth down the decals down with a Gem Tool to remove any air bubble and to smooth the decal to the nail.

Use the rubber end so it doesn't rip the decal.

Step 4

Seal with your choice of clear gel before curing. 

What we used

CALGEL Purple Orchid CG150 Shop Online

'Line It Up' Waterless Nail Art Decals Shop Online
Rubber Ended Gem Tool Shop Online

IH Tweezers Shop Online

Stork Scissors Shop Online

Antique Rose

Step 1

Apply a layer of Antique Rose as normal, but do not cure.  With a clean, dry clean brush, wipe away the gel creating a curve that will be your guide line to apply the white. This helps to keep the free edge as thin and natural looking as possible.

Freeze cure for 30 seconds in the lamp to keep your lines looking fresh.

If you are confident with your smile line application, you may prefer to apply your white gel on top of the base colour rather than creating a guide.

Step 2

Once the Antique Rose has been freeze cured (30 seconds in the lamp)you can then apply your white gel of choice and cure. 

 We normally recommend a #4 Flatt Brush or Angled Brush. If you client has small nails, you might prefer to use a Nail Art Striping Brush

TIP: If you're not confident with French smile lines, you can work 1-2 fingers at a time with 30 second freeze cure. Just be careful not to over cure the white gel. If you used Pro Colour white, you only need to freeze cure for 10 seconds. 

Step 3:

Once the nails are fully cured seal with iZ PRO Base & Build.

TIP: Base & Build is clearer than CALGEL clear & is recommended for French manicures.

Step 4:

Finish with UV Protect Top Coat. We recommend finishing with the UV Protect Top Coat to keep the French tip looking fresh.

TIP: Retail a UV Top Coat to your clients so they can freshen up their nails every 3 day for a salon fresh finish.

What we used

CALGEL Antique Rose CG142 Shop Online

PRO COLOUR White Shop Online

Application Brushes Shop Online

PRO Base & Build Shop Now

UV Protect Top Coat Shop Now

Maroon Sparkle

Step 1

Using Maroon Sparkle, apply a triangle shape from the cuticle area using your application brush of choice.

You can create a guideline using a Nail Art Striping if required.

Don't worry if it's not super neat, you can clean the edges using a dry, clean Angled Application Brush or Short Nail Art Brush

Repeat on all fingers (do the thumbs separately) and freeze cure for 30 seconds. 

Step 2

Then carefully butt your chosen nude up against the edges of the Maroon Sparkle directly and apply to the rest of the nail, thinning it out towards the free edge where you will be placing the 'V' shape smile line with Maroon Sparkle

Freeze cure for 10 seconds (if you use a PRO COLOUR nude) or 30 seconds (if you use a CALGEL nude).

Step 3

Using your Striping Nail Art Brush, carefully create the 'V' shaped smile line and fill it in using Maroon Sparkle before curing both colours fully. 

Step 4

Repeat Steps 2 and 3.

Step 5

Finish with a small build layer of clear gel to smooth out any bumps or ridges that might have formed between the block colours and cure as normal.

What we used

CALGEL Maroon Sparkle Shop Online
PRO COLOUR Camps Bay Shop Online
Angled Application Brush Shop Online
Nail Art Striping Brush Shop Online
Nail Art Short Brush Shop Online

All products used are available from Izabelle Hammon Ltd online or over the phone.

CALGEL products are only available to certified technician.

If you're interested in becoming a CALGEL PRO, please give us a call on 01582 798920 or fill in this form and we'll get back to you.

Nail Art products and accessories are available to purchase with trade discounts to all beauty professionals.

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