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Product Spotlight: Neon UV Powder Pigments

Product Spotlight: Neon UV Powder Pigments


Neon always becomes popular during the Summer months but this year we have seen an exceptional amount of neon nails being spotted on celebrities and influencers.

It all started when Kim Kardashian posted an image of her on the beach, rocking the brightest, neon yellow toes we’d seen all year. From then, neons have rocketed and even younger sister Kylie Jenner has been seen with neon orange.




To create this look, we have you covered with our neon pigment powders. Our versatile powders can be added into any clear gel, colour gel or simply rubbed onto the sticky layer. We have multiple colours that will suit any skin tone and any preference (our ‘Saturn Yellow’ neon pigment is just as bright as Kim’s toes!)


Whether you’re hitting the sandy beaches abroad or embracing the English Summer, go for neon to stay on trend and stand out.


How To Use?

Option 1: In an empty gel pot or piece of foil add a pea sized amount of clear Calgel or IZ PRO Base & Build and a pea sized amount of neon powder. Fold the 2 products together until you get a smooth consistency (add more clear gel if the consistency is too powdery and vice versa). Layer this mix over a base of white gel to really make the colour pop.

To avoid staining, we recommend applying a clear or white base before applying the neon mix. Apply as normal and cure for 30 seconds if mixing with IZ PRO Base & Build or 2 minutes with Calgel Clear.

Option 2: Repeat the steps from ‘Option 1’ but use a gel of a similar colour to make that colour a neon. For example, mix Aurora Pink neon powder with Bubblicious or Horizon Blue neon powder with Azure Blue before applying and cure as normal.

Option 3: Our neon pigments can also be applied on top of the sticky layer of any coloured gel before sealing with clear.

Always: Finish with a UV topcoat to protect your neons from the sun.



To find our neon pigment powders, shop here

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