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Black LED/UV Lamp

Black LED/UV  Lamp

High Gloss Black Izabelle Hammon Branded Nail Lamp

  • Non-removable LED bulbs that emit UV allowing you to cure | CALGEL, PRO COLOUR, BASE&BUILD and GEL&GO 
  • 365nm+495nm (the same as our existing LEDUV bulbs)
  • 3 Timer Button Options (10s, 30s, 60s) 
  • Infrared Sensory which triggers the lamp to turn on and timer will count up to 2 minutes.
  • Digital Screen 
  • Low Heat Mode (99s) | To be used for clients with thin, or damaged nails that may be experience heat spikes.
  • Removable base

Cure Times for Izabelle Hammon Gels

-CALGEL Colour | 2 minutes minimum. We recommend 3 minutes if using dark colours that have been applied in thicker layers

-CALGEL Clear Base/Top & Sculpting | 30 seconds

-PRO Colour | 30 seconds - 60 seconds for thicker correction layers and if using Builder Colours.

-PRO BASE&BUILD | 10 seconds for thin layers or 30 seconds for sculpting/builder layers.

-GEL&GO Colour | 60 seconds for a normal layer – 90 seconds for a thicker layer

-GEL&GO 2in1 | 60 seconds for a normal layer – 90 seconds for a thicker layer

Please read instruction manual supplied with your lamp before use.

  • Product Code: LEDBLAMP
  • Availability: In Stock