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Mirror Shine: Silver Chrome Effect Powder (1g)

Mirror Shine: Silver Chrome Effect Powder (1g)

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Our new Mirror Shine chrome effect powder is the fairest chrome in all the land, whose silver pigment that leaves a mirror effect after full coverage application.

For best silver mirror effect use over a black base.  For a rose gold chrome effect, use over a pink base. 

How to apply

1. Apply chosen base colour as normal. Two coats of colour for full density will give the best results for a true mirror chrome effect.

2. After curing two layers of colour. Don’t wipe sticky residue.

3. Apply a build layer of iZ Gel. Ensure surface of the gel is smooth, any bumps or dips will create an uneven finish on the chrome. Cure for 1 minute under UV light or 30 seconds under LED. If using a no wipe top coat, cure according to supplier’s instructions, and continue to Step 5.

4. Once cured: remove sticky residue thoroughly using GUARD. We recommend using wonder wipe. Allow GUARD to disperse completely. If the nail is wet the chrome pigment won’t work properly and you won’t get a mirror finish.

5. Once nail is dry (this should take approximately 10 - 15 seconds) use a gloved finger, sponge applicator or silicone brush to apply the chrome powder. You won’t need much chrome. Rub chrome pigment on to the nail ensuring you cover the nail completely. To enable the powder to adhere to the gel layer, you need to use a quick motion up and down the nail to create friction. If the surface of the nail looks a bit ‘bitty’ or there’s patches missing, don’t worry. You can apply another thin layer of iZ Gel or no wipe top coat, cure and repeat the process.

6. Be careful not to apply too much pressure when using a sponge applicator, as it may scratch the surface of the chrome. Once you’re happy with the finish, remove excess dust from the nail surface and the sidewall using a fan brush. Dusting lightly is crucial for best results. Apply a final layer of iZ Gel or no wipe top coat, be sure to thoroughly cap the free edge and the side walls to avoid any chipping. Cure as normal.

  • Product Code: NAP MIRROR SHINE
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