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Nudes, French Manicure & Special Effects

Nudes, French Manicure & Special Effects
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Competition White CG1CW

True white with solid finish. Currently our brightest white...

Dream Catcher CG882

CALGEL Dream CatcherA soft and creamy pinky/mauveOnly available in 4g.Please note colour dots and ha..

Peach Fuzz CG143

Very soft, milky pink/peach with a subtle sparkle...

Pink Blossom CG951

A soft pink, similar to CG143 but without a shimmer. It has been made with a semi-solid finish to al..

Salt & Sweet CG870

Salt & Sweet is a medium toasted nude with a subtle shimmer...

Angel Aura CG862

CALGEL Angel Aura. A fine silver glitter with holographic sparkle. Can be used as a topper gel or bu..

Antique Rose CG142

Antique Rose is a beige/nude with a subtle diamond sparkle..

Crazy In Love CG811

A clear topper gel with a fine purple/pink sheen. Colour will change slightly depending on the base ..

Hide & Seek CG972

A deep, creamy peachy/pink nude solid. This nude is perfect for all skin tones. Colour will pull mor..

Just Married CG810

A clear topper gel with a fine sparkle. Perfect to add a sprinkle of glitter to any colour. Similar ..

Pass The Bouquet CG805

A soft nude with peachy pink undertones. A good alternative to the discontinued CG46 Peach Delight...

Pink Champagne CG103

Pink Champagne is a soft pearl pink with a metallic sheen finish. ..

Unveiled CG808

A semi-translucent, misty white special effect. Great for layering over a French to soften or to use..