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LEDUV Bulbs (4 Pack)

LEDUV Bulbs (4 Pack)
For use with iZ PRO Colour LED colour range. Reduces CALGEL cure time. 2 Pin UVLED Bulb (9 Watt) for Izabelle Hammon/Calgel lamps. Replace the bulbs by gently pushing the pins into the holes until you hear a click. Bulk Discount of 25% already applied.*Cures CALGEL colours in 2 minutes*Cures iZ Gel Sculptures in 30 seconds*Cures iZ PRO Colour in 30 secondsUPDATE: Please note the following advice from our supplier regarding our LED/UV Bulbs:Although LED bulbs last longer than traditional filament bulbs, please follow the advice below to ensure you get the most from your LED/UV bulbs:- Turn your lamp off properly between clients this is help to reduce the lamp from becoming hot and burning out your bulbs.- Ensure that no towels or mats are covering the lamp and that it can cool down efficiently- Flickering may occur when bulbs become over heated- if this happens, turn lamp off properly and wait 10-15 minutes before turning back on.- Like any electrical item, bulbs have a limited life span and will need to be replaced. As a guide, we recommend changing your bulbs as per the guidance below:30 + clients a week: every 6-8 monthsUp to 20 clients a week: every 10-12 months
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