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Talk Tuesday: Summer Top Tips

Posted by admin 02/08/2016 0 Comment(s)

With the summer holidays in full swing, it’s time to discuss some of our top Summer Nail Tips to keep your and your client’s Calgel nails looking beautiful!


Prepare yourself and your clients about the effect the sun, sand, creams and oils may have on their beautiful gels. The sun can cause colour pigments to destabilise- ever notice how your hair changes colour, or your bikini fades? Unfortunately, this can happen to nail products too! This includes nail varnishes, gel varnish and true gels. UV rays can break down the chemical bonds of colour pigments leading to a bleaching effect.


Certain pigments are more prone to being affected by the sun, these are colours at the red end of the colour spectrum . While the majority of colours have no problems in the sun, certain shades, especially when combined with chlorine, sun creams & oils may present problems. This is why some colours will be fine in the UK, but behave strangely when being worn on holiday. If you or you clients are going on holiday, it’s important to advise on the risks chemicals from the pool, the sun & lotions may have on their nails. Proper aftercare will reduce the risk of Calgel colour destabilising.


Top Tips


Did you know?

iZ Gel has a built in UV protector (ever notice the blue glow under the UV light!) adding protection against the UV rays . It is less porous than Calgel meaning it is less likely to absorb creams and oils that may add to the risk of discolouration. iZ Gel is definitely a summer must have product.


Shop iZ Gel.


Always remove cream or oils off the nail while on holiday! Advise your clients ahead of their trip.

 If they are left on the nail plate the chemical reaction of the sun and the cream or oil can eat away at the gel.  Many creams now contain insect repellent which cause discolouration but can also lead to premature lifting so it’s best to avoid getting cream on the nails themselves and try to wash cream off the nails while on holiday.



Use our Get Protected UV Top Coat


This should be changed every 2 days while on holiday. Like your sun cream needs to be reapplied often, so does your UV top coat. Think of it as sun cream for your nails. It should be just as important as protecting your skin. Manicures cost money and with a little aftercare you can ensure they last as long as possible. Get Protected has been specially designed to prevent UV rays passing through the layers of the gel and affecting the stability of the pigments.


Colours to take extra care with


Reds, soft or bubble-gum pinks and soft purples