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Making the most of Instagram: Part 1

Posted by admin 05/08/2016 0 Comment(s)


Getting Started: Instagram is one of the best platforms to build your nail portfolio online. If you haven’t created an Instagram account yet, take a few minutes to do so and you’ll soon see the benefits.

DO put your contact details on your profile.


While you don’t want to share too many personal details on your account you should include a business contact number, Facebook page or business email in your profile description to ensure those interested in your work can contact you.


Miss our first tip? Head back to our Facebook page here.


Reasons we love Instagram

It’s a great platform to search and find images that suit your personal tastes and interests allowing like-minded individuals to connect as well as advertising your business and making it easier for future clients to find you and your work.


It’s super easy to set up and easy to maintain; posting just a couple photos a day of your work can start to build your exposure and can lead to new business. Just a few minutes dedicated to liking and showing love for other’s work, as well as posting regularly, can get you noticed quickly.


Nails and nail art are HUGE on Instagram. It’s a great place to share your work and gain inspiration from others. Remember, if you’ve been inspired by someone else’s work, always give them credit if you recreate their nail designs. It’s great to support fellow nail techs and show appreciation for their work.


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Want to know how to build followers? Next week’s #WorkItWednesday will give you a few helpful suggestions.


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