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Making the most of Instagram: Part 3

Posted by admin 05/08/2016 0 Comment(s)


Part 3: When is the best time to post?


DON’T post photos late at night.

The average time a photo stays visible on someone’s timeline is 4 hours. This means if you post late at night your photos might get lost in the vast world of Instagram.

The best times to post are first thing in the morning or late afternoon when nail fans are scanning hashtags to make getting out of bed a little easier, or on their way back home after a busy day.


Read on for a few extra tips will help make sure your account  is attracting as much attention as possible:

DON’T post multiple photos of the same set of nails.

You don’t want to fill your follower’s feeds with the same set of nails in multiple poses; this can be off putting for some. They’re more likely to visit your page or follow if you’re posting different and eye-catching images.  Try and be unique, and look for a distinguishable pose or prop so that people instantly recognise your work.



DO make sure your images are in focus

Spend a little extra time taking a few different photos of your clients nails, choose the best one and try to make it’s in focus and the image isn’t too dark, try to avoid using a filters if taking photos of nails as it can distort the true colour.

Remember, all images are adverts of your work; you want to ensure nails look neat and tidy and that your workstation is free of mess and dust before taking photos. Try avoid too much cuticle oil, which can make fingers look a little greasy.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our 3 part feature on making the most of Instagram and found it helpful. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments box.



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