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Talk Tuesday: How to make your brushes last longer

Posted by admin 26/07/2016 0 Comment(s)

Your application brush is your golden tool to create the perfect set of nails. Keeping the bristles soft and flexible is key! Brushes don’t last forever, but looking after them will save you money and time.


Follow up steps to get the most from your brushes

At the end of the day:

1. Clean bristles with a dry nail wipe removing traces of gel. Avoiding using too much Guard, as this can dehydrate the brushes. Return bristles to their original shape.


2. Dip the bristles in clear Calgel half way down the bristle and wrap in foil. Try not to bend the bristles.  Don’t worry if there’s some pigment left on the brush. The clear gel will pull the pigment from the bristles.


3. Make sure the foil is air tight. Then store until your next treatment.


Top Top: Don’t use Wonder Wipe to clean your brushes, stick to lint free nail wipes so bits of fluff don’t get stuck in the brush!


How to store your brushes

Store FLAT or upside down (bristle facing down).  Storing your gel application brush standing upright can result in the bristles separating


How long should brushes last?


If you follow the steps above, your brushes can last for months, some have even been known to keep the same brushes for a year & beyond. The average life of an application brush is 4-5 months.


How to revive stiff brushes?


If you’ve accidentally left your brushes and they’ve gone hard, don’t worry they could still be saved.  Dip them in Soak Off for a few seconds applying gentle pressure to the bristles until you feel them softening. Remove excess gel and solution with a dry nail wipe before dipping in in Clear gel and wrapping as above. Leave the brush flat for 20 minutes and the bristles should soften and your brush will be ready to use. If this doesn’t work, it may be time to invest in a new brush.



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