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Talk Tuesday: How to test your bulbs

Posted by admin 19/07/2016 0 Comment(s)


Did you know the bulbs in your lamp won’t burn out like a normal light bulb? Though they might still be lit up, they might not actually be curing the gel. 


If you’ve experienced any of the below it might mean it’s time to test (and change) your bulbs!


- Gel not curing at all


-Wiping away of colour


--Clients experiencing ‘bubbling’ gel  hours after the end of their treatment.


This could be due to the bulbs in your lamp not being at full strength and not able to penetrate through the layers of gel adequately.


How & When To Test Your Bulbs?


We recommend if you use your lamp on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to test (and/or change) your bulbs every 4 -6 months depending on how many clients you see.


Step 1
First turn the lamp on making sure all four bulbs are lit up. If they are all turned on, turn the lamp off again and proceed to step 2. If one or more of your bulbs isn’t lit up, please check they have been clipped in properly. If they are and still aren’t working, please call us at head office.


Step 2
Using your application brush place a small amount of the clear gel on to the piece of foil (roughly a 5p size of gel) and put it into the lamp, turn on for 30 seconds.


Step 3
After 30 seconds take the foil out of the lamp and peel off the clear gel.


If the gel is solid all the way through, the lamp and bulbs are fine, if it is soft on the underneath and almost like a contact lens then your bulbs need to be changed.


If your clear gel has cured all the way through but you’re still experiencing some of the above problems, please read our post on what can cause wrinkling here or give us a call at head office on 0845 2301087.


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